We’ve all been there – maybe you’ve eaten one too many edibles, hit the joint too hard, or maybe it was your first sesh. Here’s what to do if you’re a little too high

Don’t Panic

Okay, to be fair, that’s easier said than done when your brain feels like mush, or you’re so paranoid that you just know that everyone knows you’re high.  But the first step really is to take deep breaths, put your head back, and close your eyes if you can. 


The easiest way to avoid that too high feeling is to stick to strains with higher CBD to THC ratios. THC-high strains are known for a more psychoactive effect and can be too intense for new smokers.  CBD is great for its anti-anxiety properties, so it’s good to have on hand if you’re greening out. We also really like to use hemp wraps that are infused with CBD to balance things out as well. 

The Munchies

We’ve found the best way to come down fast is to snack and drink loads of water (this also helps combat dry mouth). After indulging, taking a short nap or just being still for a while is a good idea.