We’ve seen so many new brands emerging in the cannabis space, and we definitely have our favorites. Gone are the days where we struggled to find smoking accessories that were pretty and functional. Check out our picks to expand your collection, starting with the Amphora pipe above from Sweetflag. 

The One Hitter, $55 from Love + Destroy

This sleek one hitter is ideal for puffing on the go, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re attractive enough to sit out on your desk. 

The Scorpion and Galaxy Pipe, both $25 from Feliz Supply 

We’re always finding new creators on Etsy, and these hand-painted gems are so damn pretty. 

The Del Mar Pipe, $95 from Tetra

You’ll definitely want to display this piece, and we love how large the bowl is, for days when you really want a potent hit.