New to the world of bongs and bubblers? Keep reading for a quick guide.

Bubblers, bongs, rigs, there’s many different names for one of the oldest and most popular cannabis accessories – the water pipe. 

Admittedly, we were hesitant to try water pipes as they reminded us of the cheesy weed accessories found in your local head shop. What we found is that water pipes have definitely evolved – and it’s become our new favorite way to consume. 

If you’re new to the wonderful (and sometimes confusing) world of the water pipes, you’re not alone. Most women we know roll joints or blunts, or prefer pipes or chillums, so we had limited experience. We turned to the internet to do a bit of research, and found that the primary reason to choose a water pipe was to achieve a smoother, less-harsh-on-the-throat smoking experience. So what’s the difference between a bong and a bubbler, and why should you try one?


  • Typically smaller than a bong, and a bit more durable. So if you’re clumsy, or are worried about dropping your glass piece, this one is for you. 
  • Can be used with joints! We tried this mini option from MJ Arsenal, which is deal if you’re traveling, and want a small glass piece.
  • Smoother hits, so you’re less likely to cough (or choke) like you would from smoking a joint or taking a hit from a pipe. 
  • The vapor. Tip: we tried adding cold water to our bubbler, and we loved the effect of a icy hit. 


  • Typically a larger piece, as most people save their bongs for home use. 
  • Try scientific glass pieces, as they’re usually higher quality glass, and make for easier clean up. We like this piece from 420 Science. Keep that glass clean, okay?
  • Bongs are made for intense hits – the bigger the bong, the bigger the hit.
  • The bowl piece in a bong is customizable, so you can choose the size of your bowl, etc. We recommend starting with a smaller bowl like we did.
  • The vapor. Just like its counterpart, if you’re a cloud chaser, a bong is for you. 

Have you tried either a bubbler or a bong yet?